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TapToPay – First Launched

the Innovative Payment Solution System at 2023 CPSE

Shenzhen Expo

Sep 13, 2023

TapToPay debuted its latest EV charger payment and management system at the 2023 CPSE Shenzhen Expo.  It has sparked widespread attention and discussion among different group of EV charger suppliers, operators, investors and industry experts. 

TapToPay specialized in providing oversea payment and operation solutions.  The TapToPay payment system is a comprehensive hardware & software solution particular for local EV charger suppliers in which can assist them to expand globally.  With years of expertise in the payment industry, TapToPay can provide clients with flexible overseas payment solutions, mobile APPs and operational platforms.  We are a trusted partner for local EV charger suppliers who look to expand business abroad.

About TapToPay

TapToPay aims to make life easier, by providing state-of-the-art, integrated transport and micro-payment solutions, to build world-class smart cities characterized by superior efficiency and quality of living.  The TapToPay research and development center is composed of in-house experts with extensive experience in innovating electronic payment solutions.  The team is always aiming at bringing in the latest technologies to existing and potential customers.
Backed by years of experience in operating payment systems abroad, TapToPay delivers a variety of products that comply to a number of international standards and certifications and distributes them to over 50 countries worldwide.  In addition to a wide customer base and extensive expertise in deploying payment systems, TapToPay hires overseas deployment engineering teams that work closely with clients to provide on-site guidance or remote support in different project stages.  Focusing to provide an e-payment solutions suit for local social environment worldwide, TapToPay is a perfect partner for EV charging businesses to expand international operation to go worldwide.


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