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August 31, 2022

ACS Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd.(ACS), Asia Pacific's top supplier and one of the world's top 3 suppliers of PC-linked smart card readers (Source: Source & Sullivan), was invited to attend a symposium on the topic “Guangzhou Digital Epidemic Prevention Sentinel: Contributing to Science-based Pandemic Control in Public Places” . The conference was held by Yang Cheng Tong Company on 26 August. ACS health code verification terminal received “Guangzhou Digital Epidemic Prevention Sentinel” certificate from Yang Cheng Tong during the session.

 At the conference, Yang Cheng Tong and attendees exchanged views on measures enhancing long-term effective development of pandemic control technologies and discussed the preparation of “Digital Guangzhou Industry Development Alliance”. Representatives of Yang Cheng Tong stressed that the alliance will combine resources of various intelligent manufacturers that are specialized in health code automatic scanning equipment, health status verification terminals, smart wearables, etc. to meet consumers’ need in "smart travel", "smart elderly care", "smart campus" and other application scenarios. Yang Cheng Tong awarded “Guangzhou Digital Epidemic Prevention Sentinel” certificates to 14 health code verification devices that have passed the examinations and signed strategic cooperation agreements with 8 enterprises including ACS.


The signing of the agreement means that ACS has officially become one of the few enterprises that can supply “digital sentinels” for pandemic prevention and control in Guangzhou. Now ACS ACR380 health code verification terminal is formally included into the “Digital Guangzhou Industry Development Alliance” system and will be put into use in Guangzhou to efficiently carry out health code verification in public places and ensure the timeliness, integrity and security of pandemic prevention and control data.


Mr. Tang Zhaosheng, Sales Director of ACS, made a speech at the conference as a representative of the strategic partners. “The conference allows everyone to know about the latest pandemic control polices and measures in Guangzhou.” says Mr. Tang, “as the organizer of the conference, Yang Cheng Tong has been aggressively promoting the construction of the digital sentinel platform for epidemic prevention in Guangzhou. Their detailed plan for promoting pandemic control equipment and applications has set a clear direction for equipment producers. We hope to cooperate with each other under Yang Cheng Tong to add a safety net for prevention and control of COVID-19 in Guangzhou.” 

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